Birds of ParaDice

Birds of a feather roll together!

These dice sets are designed to pop on your table with a flourish! These specialized sets will be a flight above and the envy of all your friends.

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Discover Unlimited Beauty

Our dice are designed to capture the radiance of birds and all their beauty.

The designs for Birds of ParaDice are crafted and designed by a bird enthusiast and lover. Each color pairing is custom made to capture the essence of the bird it is based on, and tested for color-blind readability.

High quality materials and molds are used to make sure your dice roll randomly everytime.

A Look Outside

As Game Masters and Players we think a lot about the imaginary worlds full of beautiful beasts we see in our minds. However, at Birds of Paradice we also think about the beautiful beasts and birds that live in OUR world.
A portion of all sales therefor are donated to a variety of conservation organizations around the country and the world each month.

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