About The Dice

Our dice sets are designed with the natural beauty of our world in mind, allowing you to bring home to roost a collection of the worlds birds without all the feeding and care. Each set is crafted with care to match the color of living birds, and a portion of all sales are donated to different conservation entities to preserve the natural habitats that allow thes birds to continue to live.

We appreciate everything you do to support this community and conservation effort!

About the Creator

Greetings and welcome to Paradise! I am Andrea, the creator of Birds of ParaDice. I started this company to extend my love of both birds and gaming to the community at large. Every design is uniquely crafted to reflect the stunning array of feathered friends around us, and bring that beauty into your home and your games for a unique talking piece. I am a self-described Dice Goblin – I like pretty, shiny math click-clack rocks and must have them all!

I am a mother of one avid gamer kid and wife to another avid gamer kid (age has nothing to do with it haha!). We have many decades of exciting exploits between us invested into all forms of gaming from video games both new and old to tabletop and board games. We often spend time just looking at and talking about our dice! We found that many dice are new iterations of previous combinations and styles, and with that thought in mind I set out to find unique sets that satisfied my desire for something different. After long hours of research at the computer and looking through shops I found that I just could not find the ideal sets of dice – though I did pick up many gorgeous new sets along the way! In the end I decided to design my own using a personal, part-time hobby of birdwatching to create simple yet beautifully unique sets.

These sets have evolved into Birds of ParaDice, with the Superior Bird of Paradise from the Polynesian Islands becoming the flagship design. The birds’ striking color shift of black and vibrant, metallic blues and stark yellows sung a song I could not resist, and I hope it sing to you too! I hope you enjoy the product I bring to you, and I look forward to hearing your own bird songs and stories these dice produce!