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Quests & Chaos

The Q&C channel is a San Francisco-based community that features long-time gamers playing their favorite RPG and table top games. The founders are all video professionals with an affection for everything in the fantasy world, from DnD to Sci-Fi. We’ve been playing DnD for more years then we’ve been making video.

Nord Games LLC

The Nord Games group is a third-party D&D producer of books, card decks, and other amazing things! We at Nord Games are a group of highly skilled and creative people dedicated to designing and publishing excellent gaming content. We are huge fans of Card Games, Board Games and Role Playing Games from other publishers, but we also enjoy creating our own material based on our own needs and desires.

Twitter: @NordGames

Libris Arcana – Coming Soon

Libris Arcana is a US/Canadian company that provides monthly dice subscriptions. Self-described as just a geek in Vancouver living out my lifetime dream of running a game store.

Website: https://www.librisarcana.com/

Twitter: @LibrisArcana

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LibrisArcanaRPGs/

Instagram: LibrisArcana

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  • Seth Jones

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