Single D20 / Executive Dysfunction / Decision Paralysis Dice


Beautiful assortment of single d20’s for either addition to your collection or to use for Executive Dysfunction! Pair it with one of our zippered dice pouches with clip to keep it handy!

Select the color you’d like to take home or allow for random selection.

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What is Executive Dysfunction/Decision Paralysis?

Executive Dysfunction is a term used to describe the range of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional difficulties which often occur as a result of another disorder or a traumatic brain injury. Individuals with executive dysfunction struggle with planning, problem-solving, organization, and time management.

Children and adults with executive functioning problems struggle to organize materials, regulate emotions, set schedules and stick with tasks. They misplace papers, reports, and other school materials. They might have similar problems keeping track of their personal items or keeping their bedroom organized.

Executive Dysfunction is something a lot of people struggle with. Like colorblindness, it affects a LOT of people every day. A friend of mine shared a tiktok to our group chat one day of a young person who struggles with ED, and whose therapist had told them why not roll a D20? If you roll well, do the thing – you got this! Just as you would with a natural 20 in a game! If you roll low – give yourself time, you got this, you only need a little more time doing what you are currently on. My son and I really loved this idea, and so we are expanding our accessibility options by including single D20’s in a variety of beautiful colors, two types of material, and with each purchase you will also receive a card with the below information on it to help you make your choices!

How to Defeat the BBED – the Barbaric Befuddling Executive Dysfunction! Or if you prefer, The Big Bad Evil Duck!

  • Roll your beautiful (but not as beautiful as you are!) D20!
  • Natural 20 – Oh yea! You got this! Up you go, go get that thing done!
  • 14-19 – Sweeeet it’s a hit! Give yourself 5 minutes, get to that good stopping point in your book, or to the end of a sentence in your show, then go get that thing done!
  • 8-13 – That is not bad, not bad at all! Finish this chapter, this episode, or the current task. You still got this, but maybe you need 15-20 minutes to prepare yourself. You can do it! I believe in you!
  • 2-7 – Alright, so maybe you missed, but you still have time to do it again! Give yourself an hour or two, maybe take a nap – short rests are important you know!
  • Natural 1 – A swing and a miss, but you’re a fighter right? You have a second attack! Roll that die again and follow what it says! If you roll two Natural 1’s in a row, don’t sweat it – do the task in 8 hours – sometimes all you need is a long rest!


  • A single polyhedral twenty-sided die used for tabletop gaming such as D&D, Delta Green, Pathfinder, and other RPG games
  • Size –  20mm
  • Made of Acrylic or Resin
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Dice from HengDa Dice & Dice Game Depot

Additional information

Weight .5 oz

Random Selection, Winter Walker, Blue Iridescent, Luminous Koi, Morning Glory, Clear & White, Glitter Black & Gold, Pearl Gold & Black, Pearl Yellow & White, Pearl Pink & Gold, Pearl Pine Green & Gold, Pearl Purple & Gold, Clear Brown & White, Gliter Clear Purple & White, Clear Seagreen & White, Pearl Moss Green & Black, Pearl Wine Red & Gold, Clear Lime Green & Black, Clear Magenta & Gold, Glitter Clear Pink & White, Pearl Green & Gold, Pearl Red & Gold, Clear Dark Green & Gold, Pearl Glitter Gold & Black, Glitter Clear Blue & White


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